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  Perhaps it is you choice of Fortune.

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PostSubject: Perhaps it is you choice of Fortune.      Perhaps it is you choice of Fortune.    Icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2011 1:42 pm

With more than $ 1.000.000 dollars away from the casino MGM Crand in Las Vegas, an American retiree who came to experience the happiness of all with $ 400 taken from his monthly social benefits. Increase the capital he blackjack

in a week, every day playing Black Jack. However as noted by witnesses, very successful player had no idea about the strategy game, blunder and still won. Probably everyone who plays regularly at the casino met such kind people. They can do absolutely idiotic bets, play the game against the generally accepted strategy and yet day after day to go with the win. The biggest mistake many players assume that the laws of probability theory, on which rules are developed for all existing in the modern casino games, bring a loss to all members. Disagree? Tell that to the player Jesus M., rummyroyal
the winner in the video slot Global Traveler € 1,005,000 in the online casino Casino Tropez, a player from France won a couple of dozen days ago (05.01.2009) € 550,350 in Europa Casino. Yes, yes. More recently, these guys are probably also lamented the fact that he is opposed to the great probability theory, but now they are unlikely to convince anyone that a fight with the casino can not emerge victorious. Although there are no winners, and can not be. The task of the casino is not to ruin as many players, and make a profit. Any casino would prefer to leave in a small gain 9 players due to a big loss of the tenth, than to ruin
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Perhaps it is you choice of Fortune.
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