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 Starting hands?

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PostSubject: Starting hands?    Starting hands?   Icon_minitimeSat Aug 13, 2011 8:19 am

I thought he was dealing with a new strategy game, which essentially represented the usual style of such "Poker pyanitsy. On a note that the special effect of this tactic makes a game of online poker rooms. At the same time, it is worth noting

on average, have a basic technique advantivnyh games against the casino may be in a relatively short period of time, unlike club poker where the mastery of even the primary skills for the game (meaning no rules are quite simple, namely, mastery game). Certain differences exist depending on where the game takes place: in the internet casino, online poker room or real gambling. In online casinos do not suit the skills of professional players - both through the cards in Blackjack. At the same time, professional video poker players will be more comfortable to feel it in the online casino, as above-zero strategy game in video poker will involve several thousand cards. In addition, the online casino you can choose to play alone at the table, and therefore you will have more time to think of a resheniya.Lichno that concerns me, I prefer the way the plus games against the casino. The rules there are less complex and all it takes is just perseverance and "relatively" dumb follow the plus strategy. Since poker is much more complicated. If, after playing in the casino, I feel sufficiently tired, then after the game with
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Hold'em with 7 opponents I feel as if I cot in the ring. Furthermore, I personally do not consider myself a very promising player in club poker. As I said, the rules of the plus strategy in a game against the casino can be explored so that the boxers as they say "work" for him to fully automatic. However, this is not possible in poker. Whatever you were not the champion, but if you relax even for a moment, then you can skip a powerful knockout blow from the that neither is an amateur. Among other things, to become a good player in club poker requires a sufficiently strong analytical skills. So, some time ago developed a powerful computer program that can not be beat in checkers, in 1997 was created the famous Deep Blue which had already began to beat world chess

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. Only in Texas Hold'em poker and other variants of its car is still very, very far from victory over man. Because club poker is something that combines analytics chess, art of the actor and intuition, that is something that has not yet received power processor chips
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Starting hands?
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