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 Start with $ 5

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brain cameron

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PostSubject: Start with $ 5   Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:36 pm

Start with $ 5, and if you lose, then repeat the bet until it wins. After a win, spend $ 5 bet to stake a winning amount, ie, doubling your bet - $ 10. If at this level, you win, start again with $ 5. If the
loses, the progression to raise $ 8 and as long as this place does not win the bid. Then draw a bet on the $ 8. If you win, go back to $ 5. If you lose a bet to $ 8, then bet $ 12 and so on until you win that bet, then bet on the draw this win. The value of your bank must be such as to withstand the complete loss of two to three series. If you are able to bet at all levels of progression, collect your winnings and begin again at $ 5. You will notice that half of your victories will be in the $ 5-level, and 25% at $ 8-level. Come out of the game when you're happy with the size of your winnings, or when you already got out once your session beyond money and stayed on zero with a casino, or when you lost half your session money. For players with a

we can construct the following bet-progression, using the same rules apply:
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Start with $ 5
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