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  Is Poker Dead?

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brain cameron

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In gambling you can not win? This opinion lurking in the minds of many people, but it is not true. If properly play the game, I always stay in the win. We will not carry on a conversation about the many systems that
considered the only chance of winning. The secret lies in quite a different example, I myself have played more than once, but never went without a win. The reason is not in my unique knowledge or abilities, but only in understanding the very meaning of passion. If people can stop in time, it will never be "in the red. Of course, a gambling man, even to stand still for a moment can not, it always seems that little is left until the big win, which will make it for life. It must be remembered that the big win is just a dream of a simple player. We can mention only a few cases where an ordinary player to pick the bank. Most online gambling can give only a small nice win.
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Is Poker Dead?
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