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  How do you see the game?

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brain cameron

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    How do you see the game?       Empty
PostSubject: How do you see the game?        How do you see the game?       Icon_minitimeTue Jun 07, 2011 2:16 pm

Tbh, I am furious.

This game has taken up so much of my time, it is ridiculous.

I have tried everything and just keep getting beat down by variance. I swear. I have had AA and KK cracked everyday for about 4 months.

Seriously. If I play the hand perfect vs a ****ing idiot, they ALWAYS win.

responsible gambling

Literally seriously, 100% honestly, even if I could see their hands, I couldnt win.

How is anyone supposed to make a living from that? I dont understand it AT all.

I cant make $500 in a 25nl game when all I need to do is sit there and stack top pair, yet durrrr, PA etc. are consistent yearly winners, playing vs some of the "toughest" competetion in the world.

To me, its just mind boggling, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND this game anymore.

People just seem to whatever they want, play backwards ffs and still just show down the nuts every hand!?

How do you view it? Is it very slow, not many flops, do you feel like you are being run over and everytime you play back they have the ****ing NUTS!?

Is it like, you feel you know what they are doing yet they cant be exploited?

They just keep calling when your light and keep folding when your nutted.

Its been 50k+ hands and **** is just ****ed.

What do I do?

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How do you see the game?
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