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  I want to make profit. When to withdraw?

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brain cameron

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PostSubject: I want to make profit. When to withdraw?   Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:02 pm

Continuing to win three in a row is not an impossible task, it's just hard to do. The odds against winning three in a row are both 7-1. Two wins in a row, the base-betting progression, given the layout of chances as only 3-1, that certainly would be easier to accomplish. Our task now is to construct a game progress by taking as a basis for a two-step progression betting, which, in turn, will force us to raise rates to the maximum allowed in order to win the $ 5 a la Martingale.

We put $ 5. We're losing. We put another $ 5, and losing. We put another $ 5 and win. We are making a bet on our winnings putting $ 10 and lose, and we're in the red $ 15. We put $ 8 and win. We are making a bet on putting $ 8 $ 16, and win. Thus, we have won a series of bets, have lost three bets and won two, and up to plus one dollar. We begin again with our initial bid at $ 5. Here's a full six-bet-progression:


$ 5 - $ 8 - $ 12 - $ 18 - $ 25 - $ 35 SERIES OF RISK = $ 103
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I want to make profit. When to withdraw?
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