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In many
roulette online systems establishments in our country many managers noticeably lacks professionalism. They believe that there is a notion of "lucky" and "nefartovosti" casino staff. It is unclear how it came to the management team, these employees believe that the outcome of the game in the casino depends not only on a mathematical model of the game and calculate edge gambling house, as the mood of the dealer, his lucky Shuffle, spin or some completely abstract factors. Thus are born various superstitions within a casino, and these superstitions differ significantly from those that come sometimes in the lush heads of players. No doubt, many employees have many years of experience in the gambling establishments will be able to recall many examples of this approach to gameplay.
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In one of the oldest known casino dealer Moscow tacitly forbidden to chew sunflower seeds in staffrume. In the same casino before the change of manager gradually passed through the hall with an opened bottle of vodka and sprinkled tables in this noble drink (a ritual of communion). Sometimes the dealer's confidence in his and others' lucky, sometimes laugh at the mountain-heads, but almost always try to find a positive side to these anachronisms. As has already closed down the gambling house he worked dealer, who, with the approval of management within a few months does not wash his shirt "on the luck. Hue shirts have little resemblance to the original white color, and who knows how many more she has served to permanent part of uniforms, even if that dealer had not been fired for drunkenness.
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After a series of defeats at different tables manager of another casino to determine the cause of this unpleasant outcome. Guilt was established "nefartovy" dealer. The guy did not produce the hall before the end of the shift, and the situation is straightened - casino crawled out of the minus. The next day the dealer again, no luck. The change, he began with losses and for the first hour of work lost quite a perceptible amount. And the second time manager of the dealer put in staffrume until morning, and his colleagues have worked normally, and brought the result on winner poker. Thus, the manager made a final conclusion about the disastrous effects of the dealer on the result of the casino. Frankly, the dealer was a great guy and companionable fire, its causes were, and the manager lacked authority. Therefore, each new shift guy just was not allowed in the room to work. A month later he regularly went to work, sitting in the lounge, watching TV, reading magazines and tired of nothing. I wanted to work! But he was not given. He sat in staffrume as a talisman, and even could not go home. And at the end of the month and a guy got paid, and tips in full (although it is unclear why he was still the prize was not given).
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Witness another example of deep suicidal superstition in the casino was a girl-dealer from a fairly large city of regional significance. For a long time the girls learned the names or nicknames of the players who happened to big win at the casino, and then write them on scraps of paper, put crosses and fat burning in the ashtray! Truly sinister ritual witch! I wonder what would have reacted to this fact the players if they knew about it.

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Narrated by stories - by no means a complete list of captivating imagery of superstition, which are still found in some gambling houses in the vast expanse of our country. Only one thing can be said with confidence - these stories will surprise the gaming community has many, many years. We will tell about them.
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In many gambling
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